Borneo Global Summer Camp

The 2nd Borneo Global

Summer Camp 2021

“Respecting diversity, valuing togetherness”

About The 2nd BGSC

The program has been initiated by the Faculty of Nursing and Health Sciences  inviting university students both domestic and international students. The two major goals of the program is that to foster students social skills through international interaction and networking as well as to hone students English skills.

Due to the Pandemic Covid 19, this year the summer camp will be held blendedly using a face to face meeting and online interactions. Domestic students may attend both meetings, face to face and online, while overseas students can join the program online.

Curiak Island

Is a small island located  at Barito river delta area. The distance to this place is about 18 Kilometres  from the city of Banjarmasin, precisely in the area around the Barito bridge. Various places and activities will be visited and carried out, such as:

  • Proboscis Monkey station tour
  • Presentation about Proboscis Monkey and Mangrove conservation
  • Discussion
  • Planting Mangroves

Sasirangan Making Workshop

Sasirangan is a traditional cloth of South Kalimantan, sasirangan comes from the word banjar language, namely sirang which means to baste. The motif is made by patterning it first and then basting it using a needle and thread.


“The experience with BGSc was amazing! I was impressed by the way they welcomed me, by the so many experiences they made me live and by how efficiently they organized every detail. I have such good memories! I definitely recommend to live this experience!’”



I would absolutely recommended this program to anyone and everyone because there is something in it for any kind of person. It was wonderful in every way. “



“Hello everyone, what is up? We know that is a little complication that the world is still facing the pandemic I hope you are in a good health and good condition. Anyways I’m bryan i came from the philippines I’m here in Indonesia for my bachelor degree and right now I’m studying at Lambung Mangkurat University. I would like to share what I’ve experienced during 1stBorneo Global Summer held by the UMB. To be honest I was so greatful to be the one who participated 1stBGSC. During the activities I’m so amazed surrounded by the good parents, good friends and ofcourse good people we laughed together, we traveled together, we ate together even we shared our story to each one another what a such beautiful things for me, I’ ve learned so many things from that amazing momments specially all about Borneo. Maybe my words isn’t enought to describe how memorable and amazing experienced what i’ve been with a such an amazing people and thats it, I just want to say thank you for everything I hope we can meet again. and last but not least my biggest hope is everything will be better by days stay safe everyone God Bless Us!”



“Hi everyone how are you?? I hope you are in good a condition, by the way my name is Christian Tempomona Adilang from the Philippines but now I’m studying here in Indonesia at Lambung Mangkurat University for my bachelor degree. Back then I was paticipant of 1st BGSC (Borneo Global Summer Camp) held by UMB, during the activities they shown how beautiful Banjamasin it is like floating market, Pinus Island, Matang Kaladan and etc, also we have a buddy that very accomodating. I just want to say thank you to UMB for a great and memorable experience.”



I came to this camp Experience in camp Broneo Global Summer camp Exploring River Culture. The first experience was crossed the island from East Jawa to Kalimantan Island this camp and than i have gained knowledge about ” Health improvement through cultural sensitivity” by Dr. ANDREW LA TERRA and “Banjerese people and their river” by NURUL HIDAYAH and i made new friends from south Arabia,through phillipines,Australia and amazing Indonesia this experience is an experience that can’t be forgetten the future we can meet again. I am Kausar salae from Thailand, Study University Muhammadiyah Jember.

Kausar Salae


I enjoyed experiencing a new culture, very much different from where I come from. Simply saying I enjoyed every single of the program. I made new friends from south Arabia, through phillipines, Australia and amazing Indonesia. Lets join with this program next year. I am Wanmuminah Wae-arlee from Thailand, Study University Muhammadiyah Jember.”

Wanmuminah Wae Arlee


I am happy to come here because I can learn a lot of Indonesian cultural diversity and make many new friends from various countries and of course from Indonesia, and I feel very blessed to be the one who participated 1stBGSC. Lets go join with BGSC”

Saad Arab


Hi all how are you?? I hope you are in good condition, by the way, my name is Anita Ratnasari, I am from Palembang, South Sumatra, but now I have graduated and Alhamdulillah, I have worked in one of the government agencies, namely the Health Service. At that time I was a participant in the 1st BGSC (Borneo Global Summer Camp) held by the University of Muhammadiyah Bajarmasin which is located in South Kalimantan during their activities teaching us the typical Banjarmasin culture such as Sangsirangan cloth and also showing how beautiful Banjamasin is like the floating market, Pulau Pinus, Matang Kaladan and others, we also have a friend as well as a very good lecturer who is friendly and accommodating. I just want to thank the University of Muhammadiyah Banjarmasin for this amazing and unforgettable experience



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