The 1st Borneo Global Summer Camp

"Exploring River Culture"

Banjarmasin, 25 July 2019-31 July 2019

Day 1
Thrus, July 25th,2019Registration
Opening Ceremony Reheasal & Announcements
Day 2
Fri,July 26th,2019Opening Ceremony
Seminar : Health and Cross Cultural Awareness
Talk : The Concept of Banjarmasin " Smart City"
Welcome Dinner
Day 3
Sat,July 27th,2019Sasirangan Workshop
"Martapura" River Cruise
Going to Bakut/Kembang Island
Exploring Floating Market
Visiting Wasaka Museum
Tasting local food
Day 4
Sun, July 28th,2019Going to Kiram Park
Going to Matang Keladan Mountain
Day 5
Monday, July 29th,2019Going to Tahura Mountain
Talent Performance & Culture Show
Day 6
Tue,July 30Outbond
Closing Ceremony
Hunting for souvenirs